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Armagnac, the extra soul of the vineyards of the South-West

Armagnac is the oldest brandy in France: the first testimony of its use dates back to the year 1310, when Master Vital Dufour extolled in Latin the 40 virtues of this "Aygue Ardente" (water of life) in his book "To keep health and stay in good shape" which was found in the Vatican archives!

Until the end of the eighteenth century, apothecaries proposed Armagnac by attributing therapeutic virtues to it...

This is what inspired our range called "The Apothecary"!

Through it, as for our wines that highlight the grape varieties of the Southwest, we decided to bring a new vision of this historic and authentic eau-de-vie, a real addition to the soul of the vineyards of the Southwest...

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