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Armagnac is the oldest eau-de-vie in France: the first evidence of its use dates back to the year 1310, when Master Vital Dufour extolled in Latin the 40 virtues of this "Aygue Ardente" (eau-de-vie) in his book “To keep healthy and stay in good shape” which was found in the Vatican archives! Until the end of the 18th century, apothecaries offered Armagnac, attributing to it therapeutic virtues...

Today, as for our wines which highlight the grape varieties of the South-West, we have decided to bring a new vision of this historic and authentic eau-de-vie, a real supplement to the soul of the vineyards of the South-West. …


This new approach respects the identity and origin of each Armagnac that we have selected, both for its taste qualities, but also for the singularity of its conception, resulting from the communion of different elements:

  • SINGLE DISTILLATION:specificity of Armagnac, which gives intense, authentic eaux-de-vie with great character,

  • VINTAGES:no blending between different years, to keep the identity and uniqueness of each eau-de-vie,

  • BOTTLING DATE:to know, by difference with the vintage, the number of years actually spent aging in oak barrels, the only real guarantee of the slow and natural evolution of the eau-de-vie,

  • NATURAL DEGREES:no reduction using small waters which would dilute the brandy,

  • NATURAL COLORS:no addition of dye or aging accelerator,

  • SULPHITE FREE:because the wines are always distilled without SO2 protection

  • SINGLE VARIETIES:to highlight the DNA of the original Armagnac grape varieties (10 possible in the appellation) and give each of our cuvées their own and authentic style. Our selection focuses on the 4 main ones:

    • UGNI BLANC grape variety for distillation par excellence which produces fine and quality eaux-de-vie

    • FOLLE BLANCHE historic grape variety of Armagnac which gives often floral and elegant eaux-de-vie

    • BACO (or “Baco 22A”) “mestizo” grape variety particularly adapted to the sandy soils of Bas-Armagnac where it offers ample, intense eaux-de-vie with great character but which will require prolonged aging

    • COLOMBARD grape variety widely used in Gascony for white wines whose distillation has become confidential. However, its fruity and spicy style makes it very unique compared to the first 3…

  • OF ORIGIN:because Armagnac offers 3 very specific production zones:

    • − the BAS ARMAGNAC to the west of the appellation, between the Gers and the Landes, represents approximately 2/3 of the vineyards in production. Its sandy-silty soils (tawny sands) produce the most aromatic and elegant eaux-de-vie.

    • TENAREZE to the north-west of Gers and south of Lot-et-Garonne, covers almost a third of the surface area. These soils of boulbènes and clay-limestone generally produce powerful and full-bodied Armagnacs.

    •   HAUT ARMAGNAC or White Armagnac (very calcareous soils), located to the east of the Gers and in part of the Lot et Garonne. Its production has become anecdotal compared to the 2 other terroirs above.


By preserving each of these original criteria, in this range made up of artisanal and authentic eau-de-vie - in necessarily limited series - we are going to preserve the diversity of the eau-de-vie that Armagnac can offer, in order to offer exceptional tasting experiences for amateurs, aesthetes and collectors.


L'APOTHICAIRE DE L'ARMAGNAC being a range exclusively made up of eaux-de-vie in limited editions, the bottles above are presented for information only: we remain at your disposal to inform you of the Armagnacs available at currently selling...

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