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Gammes de vin


Bottling n°1, June 2013: 2655 bottles

armagnac5ans armagnac5ansbtle

Light amber colour with golden reflections, the sign of a retouch of the minimal colour.
Very expressive and original nose. Its aromas of fresh fruit (plum), milky toffee and of white flowers (camomile, lime) indicate the youth of this eau-de-vie.
The attack in the mouth is lively but progressively reveals both roundness and length with the same aromas as the nose. We will enjoy the balance of this young Armagnac, both fiery and soft where the alcohol has already been well blended.
A good starter for Armagnac-tasting!
Available in bottle or in carafe, with a black and gold cardboard gift box.


1996, 16 YEARS OF AGE, 42 %

Bottling n°1, June 2013: 463 bottles

armagnac16ans armagnac16ansbtle

Beautiful, deep amber colour.
The nose of this 1996 vintage is elegant and complex, with notes of chocolate, blond leather and spices. The attack is very rich with a lot of body and dimension.
The small presence of alcohol dramatically increases the aromatic intensity. We find the same aromas as on the nose with additional notes of tobacco and slight woodiness. The final length perfectly illustrates the authenticity of armagnacs made from the baco grape, known for their strong and firm character.
A tasting moment as rare as the number of bottles!
Available in bottle or in carafe, with a black and gold cardboard gift box.



Bottling n°1, May 2015: 1327 bottles

armagnac12ans armagnac12ansbtle

Dark amber colour, the sign of a long fermentation in barrels.
A distinguished and expressive nose where elegantly mix aromas of leather, orange peel, sweet spices, and vanilla and woody, toasty notes.
The mouth is instantly rich and complex, with a lot of body and intensity. The alcohol, although present, is perfectly integrated and bears aromas of orange peel, plum, coco and leather. A superb eau-de-vie, with a great length, lots of personality and balance.
A most excellent tasting moment!
Available in bottle or in carafe, with a black and gold cardboard gift box.


1986, 26 ANS OF AGE, 46%

Bottling n°1, June 2013: 388 bottles

armagnac26ans armagnac26ansbtle

Deep and sustained amber colour.
On the first nose, this eau-de-vie shows a great complexity: bee wax, honey, sweet spices, a touch of toffee and pralines...
The mouth does not disappoint, with an ample and soft attack where alcohol and body balance one another. We find again aromas of honey and spices and additional notes of fresh nuts, a hint of wood and a touch of maderisation, testifying to 26 years maturing in barrels.
A superb eau-de-vie that has got much to offer!
Available in bottle or in carafe with a black and gold cardboard gift box.


1973, 39 YEARS OF AGE, 42%

Bottling n°1, June 2013: 246 bottles

armagnac39ans armagnac39ansbtle

Dark amber colour, the evidence of a long maturation in barrels.

This eau-de-vie, made from a great vintage in Armagnac, offers a complex, blended and harmonious nose, combining notes of candied fruit, fresh nuts, sherry and touches of wood.
Its impressive balance and soft texture bear toasted notes of chocolate and nuttiness reminiscent of some fortified wines. While such aromas reveal an excellent maturation in barrels, the mouth, still complex and expressive, conveys the surprising youth of this 39 year-old eau-de-vie.
An exceptional Armagnac!
Available in bottle or in carafe, with a black and gold cardboard gift box.


De Cocagne


Profil :

The blending of Merlot, Tannat with a touch of Syrah, selected at the heart of the different vineyards of our production area has given « Villa de Cocagne » the profile of a festive and gourmet red wine. With its balanced and expressive taste,
its firm style makes it the ideal choice with many French and international dishes.


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