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Gammes de vin

  • The Villas

    The Villa collection: wines from grape varieties which marry tradition, modernity and pleasure.....

    For serious wine lovers or just for occasional drinking, these are traditional grape varieties but made with modern wine-making methods and are in a class of their own.... Fruity, with personality. Their sole aim is to offer pleasure.....

  • the AOP

    The Appellation d'Origine Protégée collection: the quest for balance between character and drinkability.
    Discovered in the great appellations of the South West of France, they reflect the labour of the wine-maker who has perfected adapting traditional grape varieties to get the very best out of the soil.

  • The "Grandes Cuvées"

    Grandes cuvées – the combination of grape varieties and perfected soils
    Wines of expression, age and gastronomy which showcase indigenous grape varieties planted on exceptional soils. Quintessential wines of the South West where alchemy meets elegance....

  • Cuvées Estela

    Cuvées Estela: the extraordinary potential of 3 of the greatest terroirs of the South-West revealed by aging...
    For these wines everything has come together: exceptional soils, limited yields, advanced maturity, superb husbandry...

    We invite you to discover remarkable vintages (2004 – 2005) conserved with the greatest care and selected for you to enjoy. Only limited bottles available...

  • Réserve
  • Armagnac, "supplément d'âme" of the south-west

    For over 700 years, in the heart of the Gascony region of the South West of France, winemakers have been distilling white wine to create one of the most prized French eaux de vies: Armagnac.
    Fiery and pure, this precious liquid acquires its fullness and perfection from long years of maturing undisturbed in cellars deep in the heart of this peaceful region.
    At Lionel Osmin & Co, our ambition is to reveal the wealth of grape varieties and terroirs of the South West and Armagnac represents the "soul supplement" of this unique French winemaking region.


    Our privileged relationships with the best distillers have enabled us to seek out rare eaux de vies, matured in casks over many years.
    The selection has been inspired by the desire to appeal to the heart and give pleasure, resulting in our limited range of 5 Armagnacs aged from 12 to 39 years. They are Armagnacs of the purest possible style, only slightly or not at all concentrated, with ageing accelerators avoided as much as possible so as to allow the intrinsic character of this rustic and authentic eau de vie to be expressed to the full.



    The youngest Armagnacs should be enjoyed at a temperature of 14-15°C, with a chocolate or dried fruits-based dessert, the oldest being best consumed with a great Cuban cigar (or even better a "NAVARRE" cigar from the Béarn region) at room temperature and in a large crystal glass to allow the complex aromas to fully develop.


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