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Foehn - Jurançon


Profil :

Wine associated with the birth of good King Henri IV, this sweet white from the Jurançon AOC is rendered golden by the Foehn effect (dry hot wind blowing from Spain), and consists of a blend of Petit Manseng and Gros Manseng grapes. Lively, elegant, fresh, airy. Its aromas are exotic with confited notes. Rich and with good aging potential, it can be enjoyed young owing to its freshness. With time, there will appear notes of honey, white truffle and a touch of walnut.pdf_icon

Viticulture :
Grape varieties : 85% Petit Manseng - 15% Gros Manseng, hand harvest
Terroir : The selected spots are Pyrenean Piedmont slopes, with amphitheatre-like terraces facing South. In this blend, the grapes come from high-altitude vineyards lying over the Jurançon AOC’s two main kinds of land: - the Monein, warm and early, producing full, rich wines; - the Chapelle de Rousse, cooler and later, with livelier wines.
Climate : Oceanic, cool and moist during the growing season. However, autumn is often dry and hot, thanks to Southern winds (called the Foehn effect). The grapes are concentrated through drying on the vine, without rot. Harvested very late, the cold means these vine-dried grapes are preserved extremely well.

Vinification and aging :
Successive hand-sorting extends from late October to mid-December. Part of the harvest then undergoes skin contact maceration. Slow, gentle pressing means pure juices and expressive aromas. Controlled-temperature fermentation in thermo-regulated tanks, and for a part in barrels. No malolactic fermentation. Stirring of fine lees (a part in barrel as well) during aging. Bottling after 18 months of aging.

Tasting :
Beautiful golden brilliant colour. An expressive aroma with depth and exotic notes (fresh pineapple, mango, etc.) and white truffle, as well as a touch of vanilla. The same is found in the mouth aroma, where the balance between the sugar and acidity makes this sweet wine airy and fresh.

Serving, food & wine combinations :

  • Ideal temperature: 12°C
  • Aging potential: 10 years
  • Food & wine combinations: Owing to its freshness, this sweet wine goes marvellously well as an aperitif and at the beginning of meals, as well as with a series of French cuisine dishes including: foie gras, chicken with pineapple, curry, roast chicken, cheeses (Pyrénées ewe-milk cheese, Cantal, Roquefort), desserts and fresh fruit tarts, crêpes, etc.


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