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Folle Blanche


Name and Etymology:
Folle Blanche comes from the French “crazy” and it is this term which was translated in Occitan in various forms.  Blanche refers to the colour of the juices.  The adjective “crazy” refers to the lush and productive side of this vine.

The synonymy is wide, the “folle” is called Piquepout, Piquepoult (pricked by hens) in Armagnac, Mendic in Aveyron, Came Braque (short leg) in Béarn and Gros Plant in the Nantes county.

Colour: White

Geographical origin:
Probably originating from the Armagnac vineyards between Landes and Gers, Folle Blanche has colonized this vineyard and Charentes.  We find it mentioned in literature as early as the 17th century.

It is the spearhead of the Folloides family in the South West.  It has given by forced natural hybridization with Noah: Baco blanc which is still used in Armagnac.

Appellations using it and / or major production areas abroad:
Folle Blanche is a highly productive vine.  It has badly reacted to grafting losing its capacity of production and becoming more sensitive to diseases like botrytis.  It is a very acidic vine ensuring a very a good ageing of obtained spirits.  It has lost ground faced with vines like Ugni Blanc which has dethroned it in Cognac and Armagnac.


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