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PortraitDamien« To create something from the living was my life project! A work placement in a vineyard was enough to tip the scales...My sensitivity was stimulated and my love of wine did the rest! Nevertheless, my training at SupAgro in Montpellier was extremely useful...It enabled me to gain knowledge, diplomas and an oenologist title.
Following a first successful experience with M. Chapoutier, it was really in Madiran that everything took off, with the tannat grape and with Patrick Ducournau who entrusted me with the responsibility of his vineyard. I went straight into the essence of winemaking because extraordinary competences, know-hows and self-made men constantly revolved around the Domaine.
Carrying the South West over my shoulder, I started travelling from cellars to vineyards, in the quest for lands, men and wines. I love dreaming, searching and above all, learning from others...I also enjoy singing, but that's another story...
With one eye on the vines and the hands stained with grape musts, such is the essence of the oenologist and winemaker. To magnify in my own way the wines from the South West must have been what I was born to do and it was such a natural thing to do...It's both rich and deep... and the notion of pleasure takes, here, a real meaning...
My parents, in their wisdom, had the weird idea to add an « s » at the end of my first name, quite possibly to remind me that one is stronger in the company of others than alone..."


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