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Benoît Vettorel – Or how to go from Middle-Earth Grey to Middle-Earth White with the help of three cultural references.


“If, as Einstein said, the only source of knowledge is experience while the rest is only information, I must be one of the last self-taught people the world still has room for.

After a time at the French national Beaux-Arts school where I developed my sensitivity and grew impassioned by psychology and sociology, I quickly found my way into marketing.

As a true Béarn native of the hills, I'm following the 17th century example of the most famous one of them all, good King Henry IV, who in the midst of the wars of religion said ‘Paris is well worth a mass.  I live my passion for wines and fight on in my continual quest for knowledge, making a similar impassioned personal investment.

After having spent time with a few reputable vineyards, I was ready to be part of the team anchored in my Region, the French Southwest. I am ready and waiting to convert unbelievers. In any event, we need another few players to start a hand of cards.

One last thing - all beings naturally try to achieve something great. What do I aim for? Going from Benoît the Grey to Benoît the White. Thank you J.R. Tolkien... I am still under your influence."


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