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Name and etymology:
Lauzet seems to come from the Occitan “Lausa” meaning “lauze”.  A “lauze” is a slate or a flat stone which was used in Béarn to cover the roofs of houses.

The only synonym that we can flag is the “Lauzet Saoubetou”.  This typically Béarn consonance is to be linked to “sauvader” or “servador” in Occitan.  Like for “Fer Servadou”, those terms are to be associated with the wild and/or resilient character of the wines, thus giving a good preservation.

Colour: White

Geographical origin:
It comes from the Pyrenean piedmont and certainly from its Béarn part.

The similarities with Tannat are striking.  Some are even tempted to say that Lauzet could be the white form of Tannat. Failing to validate it genetically, it is however possible to say that Lauzet belongs to the cotoïd family on the same basis as Malbec, Tannat or even Négrette.

Appellations using it and / or major production areas abroad:
Being a vigorous vine, it tends to produce in uncontrolled ways.  Like Mansengs, it resists well to grey rot.  Winemakers who grow it, mostly use it for dry wines.

Best examples / Oenological potential:
It is rare to be able to find Lauzet wines vinified alone and conditioned as such.  In blendings, Lauzet brings complexity to Mansengs and other Courbus.  It gives wines rather rich in alcohol with fruity or spicy notes.


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