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Name & Etymology
We find in literature several hypotheses concerning the origin of the name Ondenc.  They all bring us back to the town of Ondes, along the Garonne between Toulouse and Fronton.  More poetic hypotheses exist like the ones referring to the undulating character of the vine’s foliage.

We find several synonyms for Ondenc: Oundenc or Oudenq in Gaillac, Blanquette de Gaillac in Bordeaux, Dourech (meaning early) in Béarn, Piquepout de Moissac in the Gers…All these synonyms are evidence of a large dispersion and of the appropriation of the vine in all the South West.

Colour: White

Geographical origin:
Ondenc is part of the Folloïdes family; it originates from the Tarn valley between Gaillac and Moissac.

Appellations using it and / or major production areas abroad:
If Ondenc was once largely spread it only subsists now in the Gaillac vineyard.  At the beginning of the 20th century, following the phylloxera epidemics, it developed at the expense of Mauzac.  It was afterwards replaced by Sauvignon Blanc and other Sémillon.  It is worth noting that there is an “important” Ondenc vineyard in Australia.

Production potential:
Ondenc is a very generous vine.  Being very fertile and vigorous, it is sensitive to rot.  It is also sensitive to spring frosts and to pests due to its early breaking and maturity.  Little acidic, Ondenc wines are supple and little aromatic.  The sweet wines varieties give more complex wines.

Best expressions / Oenological potential:
Pure Ondenc wines are rather rare.  Some winemakers make sweet wines through which the vine expresses its maximum potential.


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