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Len de l'El


Name and etymology:
Len de l’El is the transcription of Luènh de l’Uèlh meaning simply Loin de l’Oeil (far from the eye).  Indeed, the peduncles of the bunches of grapes far from the eye being big, the berries find themselves far away from the bud on the branch of vine.  Furthermore, we often find bunches of grapes at the level of the 6th knot of the branch (against four usually, for other vines), which can also explain its name.

There are few synonyms, which explains the small dispersion of the vine from its native area of production.  We find it under the term “Cavaillès” (horse rider) near Castres, surely owing to the fact that this vine requires a support to be held trellised straddling a pole, hence the metaphor of the horse rider.

Colour: White

Geographical origin:
Without a doubt, it is the Gaillac area.

Appellations using it and / or major production areas abroad:
We find it nearly exclusively in the Gaillac area where it is gaining ground on the left bank of the Tarn at the profit of the mauzac which is not to its advantage on gravelly soils.

Best production potential:
The Len de l’El is a globally vigorous vine requiring trellising unlike other vines of the appellation. It is rather sensitive to grey rot and mites.  It particularly likes deep soils.

Best examples / Oenological potential:
The musts of Len de L’El are in general litte acidic that is why it is tradition to  add a bit of gas to create air pearls.  It comes in a variety of dry wines but the best examples are undoubtedly found in sweet wines or even “vins de voile”.  The latter reveal the true identity of this vine.


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