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Name and etymology:
The name of Mauzac seems to come from the place and more particularly the name of the village of Meauzac in the Tarn and Garonne.  Meauzac is located 15 kms away from Montauban and Moissac on the left bank of the Tarn.

Despite the strong diffusion of the vine, the synonymy is rather weak.  We find the terms of Gaillac, plant de Gaillac, Gamet blanc in Aveyron or even Blanc Laffitte in Entre-deux-Mers.

Colour:     White

Geographical origin:
Mauzac is a vine coming from the Tarn Valley.  It has spread along this river to join the Gaillac appellation.  We also find it near Limoux where it takes part in the creation of fizzy wines.  Formerly widely spread around the whole region, it has been replaced by Sauvignon Blanc for aromatic reasons.

Production potential:
Mauzac is a vine of late second period.  The harvest is done at the end of September.  It is a vine sensitive to rot due to the morphology of its bunches of grapes and its fertility.  Little vigorous, this vine is well adapted to chalky soils even clay and limestone soils.  It is characterized when mature by notes of mature apples typical of fizzy wines from Gaillac elaborated in the traditional method.  This vine takes another dimension when worked as a sweet wine; it then gives tasting notes of candied fruit, quince…

Best examples / Oenological potential:
It is certainly as a sweet wine that Mauzac is best expressed.  The resulting balances have got nothing to envy the ones of Sémillons and Sauvignon blanc.  The aromatic palette is complex.  The cold vintages can give, whilst keeping their acidity, great sweet wines for ageing.


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