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Name and etymology
Muscadelle owes its name to its muscat characteristics. 

It was wide spread in the South-West but in small proportion.   Therefore, it has many synonyms: Guinlhan musqué (Gers), Marmésie (Béarn), Issal de Tarayre (Marcillac).

Colour: White

Geographical origin:
Muscadelle seems to come from the region of Bergerac where it takes part in the making of sweet wines.  It was mistaken with white muscats from its aromatic similarity but they are definitely two different vines.

It belongs to the Gouais family.

Appellations using it and / or major production areas abroad:
It was used in all the South West appellations but today only remains in Bergerac and in the Gaillac region.  It’s since 1950 that Muscadelle has developed in this appellation when the new cellar director arrived from Bordeaux with young vines from Bordeaux in his suitcase.

Production potential:
Muscadelle is a vigorous vine of second period.  For good expressions, it prefers poor soils. It requires trellising and a good sun exposure of its bunches of grapes because it is highly sensitive to grey rot.  At full maturity, the berries taken on a pink to gold colour with a brown speckling of the best effect. Unlike the berries, the musts and the juices obtained are very aromatic.

Best expressions / Oenological potential:
The muscat aromas are pleasant but can be a bit heavy.  The Muscadelle wines are in general blended.  However, we find muscadelle wines of the latest vintage at Gaillac where producers leave fermentation gas at bottling. The wines are therefore very crisp combining the vivacity brought by the gas and the muscadelle aromas.


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