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Jean Alain Ménard - France


I am the latest comer to this association of true talents.  This status has allowed me to keep my place where I feel good, always working and at all times with discretion and respect.

Living in Bordeaux for 45 years (nobody’s perfect), a lacklustre scholarship and a firm intention to fight it out, the Bordeaux wine trade has opened its arms to me.  To rub shoulders with great wines, to meet influential people from this microcosm have proved to me that the virtue of work and the respect of vineyards are guarantees of progress.

For 23 years, I drove through our beautiful French regions, crossed life paths, shared moments of passion to settle down at last.

I have lived and shared for a long time…My head in Bordeaux, my heart in the South-West.  And one day, I keeled over…The call from the Capbreton harbour, undoubtedly, where I put all my family, the call from the South-West where my true roots are.

So, when the opportunity came of joining Lionel Osmin’s company and its speciality of distribution of wines from the South-West, my decision came naturally.

Character, straightforwardness in wines and in spirits were exactly what suited me.  Also, the company is young and I feel that it needs me, my experience, my vision…Above all, I enjoy this feeling of being useful.

The power of the mind, the will to create, the love of quality are values conveyed by this team which already carries far away the colours of the South-West.


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