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Name and Etymology:
Arrufica seems to come from the Oc “Rufe” and from the Gascon “Arrufe”.  Those terms mean “rough”, “proud” or even “coarse”.  Those connotations are undoubtedly to be related to the wines produced by this vine or even to the very embossed aspect of its foliage.

Arrufiac is also called “Rufiat” or “Arrufiat le long de l’Adour”.

Colour:     White

Geographical origin:
It undoubtedly originates from the North Béarn or from Gascogne and without a doubt from the Adour Valley.

Filiations:No clear filiation yet today.

Appellations using it and / or major zones of production abroad:
It used to be the principal vine of Vic-Bilh but has declined following the phylloxera epidemic since when it has been replaced by finer vines but less productive such as Courbu or Mansengs.

Production potential / Type of conduct:
Vine with a good vigour; it is rather sensitive to grey rot.  The bunches of grapes are rather big and depending on the plots and vine roots, the berries have got more or fewer pips.  The skins are very fragile and the pips difficult to grow.

Best examples / Oenological potential:
Arufiac is, in the image of Tannat, a masculine vine.  The Arrufiac wines can have tannic characters.  However, blended with Mansengs, Arrufiac can bring volume in the mouth and complexity in dry or sweet wines.


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