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Baco Blanc or Baco 22A


Name and Etymology:
Baco is the name of the person who has produced this hybrid.  As a matter of fact, the François Baco Institute at Bélis in the Landes, was passionate about viticulture.  Following the phylloxera epidemic, he tried producing hybrids (crossings of American vines resilient to aphids with European vines).

Baco Blanc is also called Baco 22 A or Maurice Baco in homage to the the school teacher’s son who died at the dawn of his 20th birthday.

Colour:        White

Geographical origin:
Following the phylloxera epidemic and faced with the despair of his fellow citizens, François Baco tried to produce resilient hybrids based on hybrids such as Noah.  Baco 22 A is the forced natural hybridization between Folle Blanche and Noah.  The resulting pips (50, 000) were planted in 1898 in a neighbouring vineyard where Baco Blanc was in position 22 A, hence its name.  Of all the vines obtained, Baco Blanc is the only one which has survived until today.

Baco Blanc is derived from the hybridization of a Folle Blanche and of a Noah with the aim to produce a good “Raisin de Chaudière” (“Boiler Grape”) (i.e: large volumes, good acidity, good alcohol content).  As a matter of fact, Folle Blanche has responded badly to grafting, becoming strongly sensitive to mildew and producing erratically.

Appellations using it and / or major areas of production abroad:
Baco Blanc is the only hybrid which is still used today.  It is only present in the Armagnac Appellation where it gives brandies of great delicacy.

Production potential:
Despite all the care brought by François Baco, Baco Blanc is not the best result obtained in its set goal.  Indeed, despite resembling Noah a lot, Baco Blanc remains sensitive to phylloxera, cryptogamic diseases and especially to Flavescence Dorée.  The latter is actually threatening the Baco Blanc vineyard.  On a clay and limestone soil (terroir of predilection of Folle Blanche), Baco Blanc expresses strong “foxé” aromas (crushed wild strawberry); that is why it has remained concentrated on the area of the tawny sands of Armagnac.
Despite all this, Baco Blanc is a vine with a high yield giving excellent quality brandies, notably with ageing; that is why it is the only one to have been preserved in the appellation.


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