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Name and etymology:
Baroque is the French name of Occitan “Varoc”.  Varoc is said to come from “Vara” meaning a long piece of wood standing, a wand, a long pole.  This erected piece of wood undoubtedly refers to the vigour of the vine and to the fact that it is one of the rare ones to have a tall and straight stance in the South-West.

There are few synonyms because it is a “recent” vine which has not been exported much outside of its origin area. It is called called Bordelais Blanc, Escriplet, Sable Blanc or even Bourdalès.

Colour:        White

Geographical Origin:   
It originates from the Adour basin between Béarn and Tursan.

It is difficult to classify this vine in a sorto type family.  It is however rather morphologically close to Tannat and could, therefore, have common origins.

Appellations using it and / or major areas of production abroad:
The production basin of this vine is little spread.  It is only represented in Chalosse, in Tursan, Northern Béarn and sporadically in the Gers vineyards.

Production potential:
This vine has developed to the expense of Claverie due to its resilience to Oîdium.  It is rather vigorous and must be slowed down to produce interesting wines.  It’s a late vine of the second period of the harvest (3 to 4 weeks after Chasselas).  It is rather sensitive to rot, the harvest must be precise to obtain neat wines.

Best examples / Oenological potential:
Baroque is only found in dry white wines.  These are rather neutral but very pleasant due to their freshness.


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