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Naturally from Toulouse!


The AOC label was obtained in 1975. Two types of wine are produced on the AOC Côtes du Frontonnais:

  • Red wines, about 80% of the production;
  • Rosé wines, about 20 % of the production.

What the appellation decrees:
In Fronton, the Négrette grape variety must be

  • 50% minimum of the planted grapes;
  • 50% minimum of the final blend.

Planting in the vineyard must be at a minimum density of 4000 vines per hectare.

Terrain – Climate:
An oceanic micro-climate with Mediterranean influence; low precipitation in summer becoming abundant in springtime; influence of the Vent d'Autan winds.

Terrain – Soils:
Wine growing region located on three upper terraces of the Tarn region

  • 2nd terrace (lower) deep acid soil comprised of sand and clay, known locally as boulbène;
  • 3rd terrace (middle) pebbly boulbène soil;
  • 4th terrace (upper) very gravelly eroded soil.

Grape varieties what makes the difference :
The Fronton AOC authorizes the following grape varieties:

  • Négrette (55% of the vineyard) - local grape variety, very colorful grapes and not very acid; aromatic and soft on the palate;
  • Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon (25%); Syrah (15%), Gamay (5%).

Factors in wine quality:

  • Terrain (differences between the Tarn terraces, influence on maturities and acidities)
  • yield
  • vinification type

The "Haute Expression" Quality Charter:

  • Control over the yield;
  • plot selection;
  • maturity monitoring;
  • careful vinification;
  • barrel aging;
  • second tasting after AOC approval.

Wine styles:

- Fronton reds: dark red color, expressive aromas of violet (typical of Négrette), of red berries (blackcurrant, raspberry), spices (licorice, pepper) and sometimes green pepper; soft and a little acid on the palate, rounded, fruity, very typical aromatic range;

- Fronton rosés: expressive nose, floral and fruity; round, fruity on the palate with the good low acidity of Négrette undeniably an asset here. Without a doubt the best rosés of the French Southwest.


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