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Naturally legendary!


The wines produced:

White wines (30% of the production)
- AOC Gaillac "Blanc Sec", AOC Gaillac "Fraîcheur Perlée", AOC Gaillac "Doux, AOC Gaillac "Effervescent;"

Red wines (65% of the production)
- AOC Gaillac "Rouge", AOC Gaillac "Primeur;"

Rosé wines (5% of the production)
- AOC Gaillac Rosé.

Terrain – Climate:
A special micro-climate, halfway between the Atlantic and Mediterranean influences; influence of Vent d'Autan winds; low rainfall from May to October.

Terrain - Soils -Three major terrains:

  • the alluvial terraces of the Tarn gravelly soils adapted to reds;
  • hillsides characterized by molasse area of mixed red/white slopes;
  • Cordais region calcareous plateau - choice area for white wines.

Grape varieties : what makes the différence
The Gaillac AOC authorizes the following white grape varieties: Mauzac (which represents 60% of the vineyard whites), L'En de L'El (or "Loin de l'Oeil"), Ondenc, Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadelle.
The Gaillac AOC authorizes the following the red grape varieties: Braucol, Duras, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Gamay, Merlot, Prunelard.

What the appellation decrees:

Mandatory blends:

  • For reds there must be a minimum of 10% Duras and 10% Braucol with 40% Duras + Braucol minimum or 60% Duras + Braucol + Syrah.
  • For whites, there must be a minimum of 50% Mauzac + Loin de L'Oeil + Muscadelle.

Factors in wine quality :

  •  soil types (see the three terrains);
  • grape varieties: local and international grape varieties,
  • yield,
  • climatology (especially for the "noble rot" sweet wines),
  • vilification types and aging.

Wine styles:

  • White wines
    - AOC Gaillac "Blanc Sec" : clear yellow color, fruity aromas of pear, white fruits;
    - AOC Gaillac "Fraîcheur Perlée": produced with Loin de l'Oeil and Mauzac, pale yellow color, expressive nose growing stronger with citrus and fresh fruits; lively on the palate with the presence of slight bubbles caused by early bottling;
    - AOC Gaillac "Doux": golden color, nose of honey, cooked apple (for Mauzac), apricot; full and rich on the palate;
    - AOC Gaillac "Effervescent": Gaillac method; produced with Mauzac, harvested at over-maturity without addition of XXX.
  • Red wines
    - AOC Gaillac "Rouge": dense and clear purple color; nose with aromas of red berries (raspberry, black currant), spices, pepper; balanced on the palate with rather low acidity, round, in which mature tannins affirm themselves, while maintaining elegance;
    - AOC Gaillac "Primeur": produced principally with Gamay, these primeur wines have a clear color, and a nose aromatic with strawberry, raspberry and fruit drops; fruity and light on the palate, yet rounded.


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