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Home Appellation Jurançon


Naturally Pyrénées and Atlantique!

What the appellation decrees:

  • Mandatory manual harvesting,
  • "Vendanges Tardives" ("late harvest") label notation since 1995.

Terrain – Climate:
Strong oceanic influence, just next to the Pyrenees, this AOC gets close to 1200 mm of water per year; warm climate, but with wet summers.
Quite significant Foehn effect (warm wind from Spain), blowing especially in the fall, Indian summer which favors raisining.

Terrain – Soils:

  • superb terrains in geological amphitheaters;
  • hillsides often steeply sloped.

Grape varieties what makes the différence:

The Jurançon AOC authorizes the following five grape varieties

  • Gros Manseng, representing 55% of the wine growing region;
  • Petit Manseng, 40%;
  • Petit Manseng, 40%;
  • Carmarlet & Lauzet.
  • Gros & Petit Manseng:

Native to the Pyrenees

- Gros Manseng:
Productive grape variety, late maturity, big and compact bunches of grapes, significant natural acidity;

- Petit Manseng:
Late harvest, grape variety naturally not very productive, thick grape skins, large seeds (therefore not very subject to Botrytis); small, well-spaced grape bunches, naturally high acidity.

Factors in Jurançon wine quality:

  • - southward exposure;
  • - the climate in September, October and November, or the Foehn effect plays a major role in concentration;
  • - harvest dates;
  • - yield and vinification types, especially for Jurançon Sec.

Wine styles – Jurançon Sec:
Often made with Gros Manseng, golden yellow color, expressive aromas of citrus fruits and white flowers, lively, fresh style characteristic of the grape variety's acidity; with aging, aromas of walnut, white truffle; great typicity.

Wine styles – Jurançon:
- Often produced with Petit Manseng or a blend of Gros and Petit Manseng; intense golden color, aromas of white fruits (peach, apricot), or exotic fruit (pineapple, mango, litchi); airy and elegant on the palate, with a good balance between richness and freshness.


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