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Home Appellation Marcillac


A big fish in a little pond

What the appellation decrees:
The Marcillac AOC must be comprised of a minimum of 90% Mansois; the remaining 10% may come from Cabernets or Merlots; harvests are exclusively manual owing to the typography.

Terrain – Climate:
An encounter of three climatic areas (continental, oceanic, Mediterranean); variable climate throughout the seasons, semi-continental influences in winter and Mediterranean influences and summer; nevertheless, annual sunshine is at the notable level, i.e. about 2200 hours per year; very frequent quite rigorous winters and very hot, sunny and dry summers, as expected of cities on the Mediterranean basin.

Terrain – Soils:
Squeezed in between the schist of the Ségala geological region and the granite of the Viadène geological region, the soils are sometimes purely clayish-sandstone, sometimes clayish-calcareous, a labyrinth of red clay iron oxide-rich hillsides called "rougiers" locally (rouge = red); the plots cling to slopes or hillsides planted in terraces; this whole forms a kind of amphitheater facing fully south, making good maturation possible.

Grape varieties what makes the différence :
The Mansois grape especially characterizes Marcillac.

  • Mansois, 90%;
  • Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, 10%.

a special grape variety.The average-sized bunches of grapes are tightly packed, whereas the grape berry itself is small to average in size; the Mansois aromas are fruity (blackcurrant, red berries).

Factors in wine quality:
Marcillac is deeply colored, rich and has tannins proving rather soft on the palate; thanks to long vinification, it is powerful, well structured, and with a beautiful deep red color with dark crimson lights; Marcillac wines are often drunk young, but certain blends take three or four years to come into their own.

Wine styles:
The red wines have a very intense deep crimson color, with blue or purple lights; the nose has aromas of red berries which also exist on the palate: blackcurrant, raspberry, sloe berry; there are also a few spicy tones, especially peppery ones; with powerful tannins when young, this wine rounds out as it ages without losing its fullness; after selecting the best harvests, a great wine with character can be achieved.


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