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Halfway between the Pyrénées and Gascony!

List of wines produced
- AOC Madiran - exclusively red wines

What the appellation decrees:
For the Madiran AOC:
yield monitoring organized by the Syndicat de Défense union; wines must be aged 12 months before being able to be presented for approval; to obtain such approval, the wines are compared to a "control wine" and if their level or typicity does not meet the standard, they are refused.

Terrain - Climate

  • Atlantic influence (100 km from the ocean),
  • Pyrenees influence (50 km from the mountain range),
  •  significant rainfall in winter and spring, but dry hot summers with a very beautiful Indian summer;
  •  climate very much adapted to grapevines.

Terrain - Soils

  • North-south oriented hillsides with slopes facing east or west, irregularly-shaped valleys;
  • Slopes pitched west (poorer eroded soils), slopes gently pitched east (richer soils).

Grape varieties – what makes the différence:

The Madiran AOC authorizes the following grape varieties:

  • Tannat, representing 55% of the wine growing region;
  • Cabernet Franc, 34%;
  • Cabernet Sauvignon, 10%;
  • Fer Servadou, 1%.

Tannat: native to the French Southwest, naturally productive grape variety, long plant cycle with late maturity, produces tannic wines; today planted in the French Southwest and in Uruguay.

Factors in Madiran wine quality:

  • soil type (hilltops and poor soils);
  • planting, low yield (especially for Tannat);
  • late harvest date (over-maturity necessary) ;
  • aging type and duration (extractions and woody).

Wine styles:
Very dense and deep color, dark purple to black, aromas of red and black berries (blackcurrant, blackberry), spices; significantly tannic structure, powerful on the palate, relatively high acidity, very pronounced typicity.


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