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Courbu et Petit Courbu


Name and Etymology:
Courbu could refer to the name of the creator of this vine.  Indeed, there still exist families bearing that name in the Béarn.  Courbu could also be related to the curbed shape taken by Courbu branches before being polled at the beginning of the summer.  Petit Courbu is a variation of Courbu with smaller bunches of grapes.

It is also called Cougnet with reference to the “pined-shape” of the mature bunch of grapes.  Indeed, the grapes are close to each other and it is difficult to pull a berry without damaging the bunch.

Colour:     White

Geographical origin:
It without a doubt originates from the Pyrenean piedmont.

Appellations using it and / or major production areas abroad:
This vine is principally found in appellations from Jurançon and Pacheren du Vic-Bilh.  It has represented up to 50% of the vine planting in the béarn area of Monein before being replaced by Mansengs.  We can also note its presence on the Spanish slopes of the Pyrenees where it participates to the making of Txakoli wines.

Production potential:
Courbu is a low-yielding vine.  The main characteristic of this vine is to have bunches of grapes looking like pine-cones.  This morphology makes the grapes very sensitive to grey rot which develops wildly as soon as a berry is affected.  It is a vine which complements Mansengs as it tends to be less acidic and less alcoholic than the latter.

Best examples / Oenological potential:
Courbu is rarely vinified on its own but can give very nice wines if it is.  Blended, it brings refinement and mineral notes to Mansengs and especially to Petit Manseng.  Blended, it comes in a variety of dry or sweet wines of first grades.


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